Old Dominion University Bookstore

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Old Dominion University Bookstore detail Old Dominion University Bookstore detail

The Design-Build project is 44,000 square-feet and contains a cafe on the first floor with the bookstore retail space on floors 1 and 2. Offices for the bookstore operation, the University Development Department and Real Estate Foundation are located on the 3rd and 4th floors.

The design includes a 3-story oval-shaped curtain wall surrounding the main entrance, featuring revolving doors. The interior contains escalators, glass handrails and a 2-story atrium.

Construction took place on a tight urban site with only 20 feet surrounding all sides. The use of hydro-scaffolding in lieu of the typical scaffolding minimized the room required for accessibility.

Owner: Old Dominion Real Estate Foundation
Architect: Tymoff + Moss

Early Center for Christian Education

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Early Center for Christian Education detail Early Center for Christian Education detail

This renovation project transformed historic Spence Hall, a former library originally constructed in 1897, into the Early Center for Christian Education and Worship, a multi-purpose facility at Union Presbyterian Seminary. The former library stacks were demolished to create the three-story open space.

Other areas in the 37,000 square-foot building include classrooms, administrative offices, conference rooms and a full-service kitchen. In the chapel, giant side doors can be opened to gain additional seating for two adjacent classrooms. The doors connecting the chapel and the classrooms were built on-site and weigh nearly 1,500 pounds each.

Owner: Union Presbyterian Seminary
Architect: Glavé & Holmes

Wave Convention Center

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Wave Convention Center detail Wave Convention Center detail

This 65,000 square-foot auditorium is the centerpiece of the Wave facility. Designed to provide maximum visibility from every seat, the worship space features a built-in baptismal pool and a large platform stage for creative ministries. The entire auditorium is column-free due to roof trusses spanning the 165 feet width with catwalks for lighting and sound rigging.

Outside the worship space is a two-story lobby area enclosed by a 200-foot long floor-to-ceiling, curved glass curtainwall. The 1st floor offers an express-line bookshop, coffee shop and information area. The 2nd floor includes a bookshop and coffee shop. The 3rd floor provides much needed office space for the pastors and staff.

Owner: Wave Church
Architect: Tymoff + Moss Architects

VCU School of Dentistry

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VCU School of Dentistry detail VCU School of Dentistry detail

This 3-story, 55,000 square-foot building provides classrooms, clinics and laboratories to meet the oral health needs of all Virginians. The additional space will allow the school to educate PhD students and conduct new research in collaboration with VCU’s Massey Cancer Center and School of Engineering. The space also permits expanded patient care and increased enrollment in its DDS and dental hygiene degree programs.

The new building is comprised of three elevated floors over a ground level parking and patient drop-off area. This project also included a landscaped interior courtyard, pedestrian bridge and new stairways to connect the new building to the Lyons and Wood Buildings.

Owner: Virginia Commonwealth University
Architect: Commonwealth Architects

Virginia Historical Society Addition

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Virginia Historical Addition detail Virginia Historical Addition detail

Located in Richmond’s Museum District, the Virginia Historical Society’s new South Wing has an enhanced, modern atmosphere and consists of four floors, a basement, and roof-top penthouse. The wing contains a 490-seat auditorium and 3,600 square-feet of new gallery space with a large classroom for students. There are 6,700 square-feet of added office space on the 3rd floor, and the 4th floor is dedicated to storing the society’s archives.

The project site was constrained by continuous operations at adjacent cultural attractions and a tight footprint for the building addition. These issues were overcome through collaborative planning and communications with stakeholders throughout the project.

Owner: Virginia Historical Society
Architect: Glavé & Holmes

Wave Church, Phase I Addition

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Wave Church, Phase I Addition detail Wave Church, Phase I Addition detail

Hourigan worked with the owner and architect throughout a six-month preconstruction period to optimize use of materials and equipment and to finalize the budget. Construction of a new 3-story, 30,000 square-foot addition to the existing Church constituted Phase I.

The structural system is comprised of reinforced concrete and composite structural steel frame. Exterior materials include 2-color brick veneer on metal studs, blue insulated glass and storefront composite aluminum panels. Daycare centers and classrooms occupy the first and second floors. The third floor is devoted to church offices, television and audio production facilities and reception area. Two staircases and a hydraulic elevator provide vertical transportation.

Owner: Virginia Beach Christian Life Center
Architect: Tymoff + Moss Architects

The Faison School, Autism Center of Va.

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The Faison School, Autism Center of Va. detail The Faison School, Autism Center of Va. detail

The 3-story, 38,000 square-foot building required a complete interior renovation, since it was a cast-in-place concrete structure with insulated metal panels, brick and pre-cast concrete cladding. The space was designed and constructed to include small classrooms, inside play areas, administrative spaces, and special education rooms. New interior finishes enhance the architect’s design by using color and floor textures, interesting wall configurations, millwork and ceiling designs. A new 3-stop elevator was installed, as well as new plumbing, security and telecommunications systems.

A drop-off, visitor parking and handicap access enhance the front entrance of the building, and private outdoor teaching patios and play areas complete the exterior modifications.

Owner: 1701 Byrd Avenue, LLC
Architect: Baskervill